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English introduction
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2010. november 01. hétfő, 13:04

To my Readers from all over the world - I've decided you deserved to get an overview of what this is all about.

I trust - or hope - you still remember me from the fandoms Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, the Bartimaeus trilogy and possibly know me from my more recent fandom, Temeraire.

For years and years I have been getting feedback from my readers in various fandoms that they would by all means read my orginal novel if I happened to write one.


In 2006, in the interview "Author of the Month" with Blue Yeti on Orion Awards, you could read the following line:

But if you are lying in wait for Agi's first original novel, you should brush up on your Hungarian. "I hope some day I'm going to have an original idea for an original novel, and if I do, I'm going to write it in Hungarian, as I doubt if I could get an English publisher while I'm living in Hungary, and also, I doubt if I could EVER write as well in English as in Hungarian."


Well, six years have passed since this interview and my first and second book have already been published (the second is the sequel to the first one). But, as the article says, you have to brush up on your Hungarian if you want to read them, because both have been published in Hungarian.


Here's a little summary of the first book "Second Atlantis – The Magic of Ten Thousand Years":

Imagine an Atlantis - Second Atlantis - in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, inhabited by merpeople. These are the descendants of the folks who had once lived on the sunk island of Atlantis and who had been - ten thousand years ago - turned into merpeople by their magician-king in order to save their lives. The people of Second Atlantis remember nothing of their past on the surface, nor that they had once been enemies with the fairies - the fairies who had, in revenge for being enslaved by the king of Atlantis, sunk the island with magic.
In our days, when Azaész (pronounce as „Aa-zaa-ace”), the obnoxious heir to the throne of Second Atlantis is exiled to the cold waters of the North, he is swept ashore and is surprised - and frightened - to see that he has turned into human. A whole new world awaits him - and a chance to mend his evil ways and return to Atlantis as a proper leader to his people.


And now, thanks to the translation of Péter Farkas and the beta work of Michael Ward, I'm giving you the prologue in English! Enjoy!